Challenge of Pole System Deployment 

Complex On Site Installation

On site environment is too complex which increase the installation cost.

On site hardware engineer is not professional , so if the pole system is too complicated , will be a big challenge.

Challenge of Disaster Resistance

Outdoor environment will give the pole a lot of challenge like hurricane, lighting and raining.

If we don’t design the pole well, the disaster will greatly affect system reliability.

Challenge of Rust

Strong sunshine, heavily raining will cause rust of the pole system.

High humidity and salty environment is also harmful to the pole.

Challenge of Requirement Change

Requirement will change project by project frequently.

Customization design is needed.

But is difficult to find vendors willing to provide customization design.

Challenge of Pole System Deployment 

Modular Design

With Edgeware modular design , installation never be complex.

Strong and Solid

Design for you based on the disaster environment, strong and solid.


Anti-rust material such as high quality stainless and aluminum for 10+ years life time. 


Edgeware provides customization service case by case even with 1 unit.

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