The world is changing so fast,
iterating and evolving in momer ts of complexity,
we often ask ourselves,
is there really nothing to be found?

The world can be boiled down to a beau tiful mathematical model,
everything can always come together
and our dream is to join hands with you,
to merge the edges of the network 

We saw four major trends
that are
changing the world

A lot of ToB will will appear

5G Small Cell

Edge Computing

Video 5G Postback

Smart Traffic Site

IoT Aggregation

Starlink Application

Smart Industry

Result: Connect Everything, Connect Everywhere


Wireless backhaul scales down the site,
but  greatly increased the number of sites

Difficult Site 

Huge Site Quantity

 Difficult Electricity Acquisition

Smaller Site

Distributed Power Architecture

So we fell into a natural contradiction

There is no longer edge access, but direct backhaul.

Will the edges of the network become chaotic?

Outdoor Edge Applications

5G Power Backup

Wifi Outdoor

Power Grid

Smart City

Video Surveillance

Smart Traffic


Edge Computing

Telecom Power

AI Outdoor


4G Small Cell

Scenarios vary and requirements are complex

Traditional outdoor solution design like a maze, 
Final solution is like a unpredictable puzzle.

Scenarios vary and requirements are complex

Let's go 
back to the starting 
point of 
our youth

Everything in the world can be boiled down 
to mathematical models
Let's use mathematics to normalize all randomness.

Outdoor Edge Applications

 Traditional Outdoor Solution Design

Has to break down the requirement and purchase in different providers.
The design and purchase is like a maze. 
The on site integration is like puzzle, you never know how it will be , how it will work and how long it will work.
No provider is responsible for overall.

 End to End Solution with Clear Picture

Early participation in the project design.
End to end providing, one stop purchase. Customization and integration for you.
On site integrated products, reduce on site work. 
We will be responsible for overall.

Our unique values


 We believe that outdoor scenanies will keep on changing.

 We help customer custonmize their solution case by case.


 Wehelp customer integrate the solution as much as possible.
        So they will have less build and integration on site.
  We can also help customer integrate different vendors product.


  We believe that local staff talk to local market.

  Local team understand local requirement.

Committed to network edge fusion

Mathematical thinking 
outdoor edge network energy fusion

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